P r o g r e s s A l l W a y s , A l w a y s

ReFormd Personal Training provides highly personalised 1-1 training with access to premium equipment and top of the line machines and services, at great value.

Why Choose Us?

Our headquarters in Orchard offers exclusive, dedicated space and equipment for our clients to have for their Personal Training sessions in a private and comfortable setting.

ReFormd Personal Training uses Visbody, the leading age of technology; a medically-graded body analysis machine. Its ability to provide detailed breakdown of an individual body composition sets itself apart from the common body analysis machines used in commercial gyms.

Why should you embark on your journey with ReFormd Personal Training?

With ReFormd Personal Training, clients receive results focused training and lasting knowledge so they can sustain a holistic and healthy balance in their lives, regardless of whether or not they are in session.

Here are a few things you should know about ReFormd Personal Training:

Science and Results Focused

Highly Qualified and Personable Trainers

Professional and Comfortable Environment

Private Judgement-free Space

Tailor Made for each Unique Individual

We are genuine in our intentions.

While being attentive to your needs, we are all about creating the bond. While many attempt to emulate our model, the results-driven culture of excellence and accountability we have painstakingly built over the years are what sets us apart from the leading businesses in our field.

Reshape your future and see the transformation now.

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